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Flournoy Holmes is an established visual artist and musician. In his early 20's (James) Flournoy Holmes visually defined the Southern Rock phenomenon of the early 1970's creating notable album covers and art work for bands like The Allman Brothers, Marshall Tucker, Wet Willie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Charlie Daniels, Outlaws, Sea Level, Hank Williams Jr, Kansas and many others. His mushroom images at that time exploded upon the world music scene and have become international icons. The Allman Brothers album "Eat A Peach" (which Duane Allman and Flournoy named) is one of the ultimate psychedelic art experiences in album cover art. Georgia Peach Growers Association said Flournoy's imagery has helped to bring the Georgia Peach to national prominence. He also created works at that time for groups such as Dr. John, Bruce Springsteen, Ted Nugent, Aerosmith, Carol King. His creative, influential and iconic images are still being used today after 40 years. His work is internationally recognized, in part through the medium of album covers. he has produced countless album covers and posters and in most cases the cover art is synonymous with the music itself. Flournoy epitomizes the creative force, as a multi- disciplined artist and continues to pursue painting, photograph, film making and music.

"Voted Top 100 Album Covers of All Time" ...

                                      Rolling Stone Magazine

Growing up in the southern piedmont, Spartanburg South Carolina, the son of two artistically inclined parents, his father was a musician and his mother a ceramics teacher and they encouraged his drawing abilities at an early age. Music was always heard in the household growing up and a very influencial energy. Childhood was spent mostly outdoors exploring nature and collecting insects and reptiles. This natural world of nature continues to influence his work. At one point in the 1980’s he had 4 cow carcases along with several other animals buried in his back yard, utilizing skeletal systems in his art at that time.

In junior high school, playing trumpet in the jr high band and drawing college mascots on sweat shirts for friends, winning the Women's Bazaar poster contest, creating the schools logo and painting classes encouraged him to continue his artistic path. He received the prestigious Eagle Scout Award at twelve years of age, (one of the youngest recipients in the country) saved seventeen children from drowning (as a lifeguard in high school) were early accomplischements.. Flournoy was initiated at an early age into the realm of psychic mysteries (school) from a minister at Spiritualist School of Mysteries, in Wisconscon.

Attending the University of Georgia on a full art scholarship he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in drawing and painting. Selected to participate in the experimental art course “Art in the Dark” (a 2 year course of drawing in a dark room) . Was in the first wave to participate of Transcendental Meditation and Kundalinie Yoga from yogi Bajan which deepened his artistic an spiritual approach to creativity. Formed a noise band then formed Wonder Graphics. He studied under the painter James Herbert (who would later direct music videos for the band REM), interned with sculptor Donald Judd (New York City) and studied with surrealist painter Mati Klarwein, whose work was featured on album covers for Santana, Miles Davis and others. Creating spontanious art performances large scale environmental works sculpture.Pushing the boundries of art Flournoy, as he says, "made it through the 60's", went to Woodstock Music Festival and after college traveled (hitch hiking) extensively overseas. 

"A crash-course in the mystical underbelly of the respectable South"

                             -Virginia Warren Smith, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

                                                   The Georgia Museum of Art, Installation

Flournoy is a Grammy Finalist Winner (NARAS, Paul Davis), several time Grammy Nominee and his work is in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (Ohio). He has received numerous awards and grants, including National Endowment for the Arts grant. and Southern Arts Federation Art Grant. His art is in private and corporate collections, shown in museums and galleries and has appeared on cds, books, posters and movies. His 1980 album cover for Christopher Cross (a Grammy winner and multi-platinum seller) was credited for the resurgence of the pink flamingo yard art craze of the eighties.

"I bought the record for the art... and kept it for the music" ...

                                                                   -Jay Babcock, LA Weekly

He curated the nation art exhibitions Art of the Grateful Dead and Four Decades of Rock Photography and The Museum of Modern Art (New York) acquired his artist book. Flournoy was selected to create the posters for The Smithsonian Institute Tibet Sand Mandala Show also Habitat for Humanity and the Dalai Lama's visit to the United States.

"Flournoy's visionary genius continues to influence generations"

                                                                      -Terence McKenna

The jam scene has caught up to his work. Widespread Panic, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Col. Bruce Hampton, Project Z, Jimmy Herring, Endangered Species, Phil and Friends, Count M' Butu, Derek Trucks, The Grateful Dead and Slang have all used his talents.

"The best cover since Earl Hines" ...

                     P. J. O'Rourke, Crawdaddy Magazine

When asked about a favorite album cover experience Flournoy sites the time he flew to France to photograph Moon Martin for his album cover (Moon was very popular in France), "We ended up lost in the underground of Paris with 3 Hindu boys, an albino mule, 2 dancers from the Moulin Rouge, a goose and a broken camera lens ... very entertaining" he said. He was initiated into the realm of the psychic mystery school at an early, Received his Master of Reiki and using sound as a healing modality released his sound healing cd in 2000 with tibetian monks chanting working ever since … yoga album in 2006 … in 1995 initiated into the escusla de plantas de medicine in Hawaii

"Musical imagination, his album covers set the standard" ...

                                          Bo Emerson, Atlanta Journal- Constitution

His love for photography started at an early age and over the years he has photographed many recording artist  from Al Green, the Eagles, Willie Nelson to Miles Davis, Leon Russell and Sting. He is always photographing  subjects of a more personal nature.

"His Art pushes the edge of my reality" ...

                              Dr. John, The Night Tripper

Involved in the making of films, he won  the Stony Award  for Best Documentary of 2006, for co-directing the feature length film Dreadheads. The female Buddha in Tibetan Mysticism  (filmed in Tibet and Nepal) and Zambiland, a zany concert starring jam band all stars hosted by Col. Bruce Hampton and Jeff Sipe are also film projects in the works.

"Georgia's Music Elite" ...                  

             Atlanta Magazine

As a musician he has released his own music and works with sound as a healing modality and in a ceremonial context. He has produced and played on many musical projects and soundtracks and his new group Flying Mystics  just released their fourth cd. One of the Flying Mystics YouTube videos is over 300,000. views and they are currently playing live shows.

"Atlanta's own Renaissance Man" ... Creative Loafing

Flournoy seems to be in constant creative motion  ...